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We cover a large range of creative photo & film projects and campaigns to create experiences.

About – Lifeworks Studios | Photo & Video Production Company is a full service photo & video production company driven to craft purposeful work. We are a passionate team of creatives in the pursuit of fostering inspiring content. 

From day one, we’ve always aimed to act as if our ‘customer is in the room’ with us. It’s helped us make the right decisions, win awards for our service, and build a business that’s better for everyone. When we launched in 2013, we set out to make media production more accessible and more simple. We brought great service, clear information, and honesty to a misunderstood industry. These days our sights are set higher. We don’t simply offer film production or photography like lots of other companies. We differ because we’re constantly pushing the boundaries, looking for new ways, methods and techniques to help build a better, more useful solution for our customers for the future.

From cars to bikes, tabletop to on-set,  and short to long form – the spectrum of our work is as wide as the smiles on our clients’ faces.

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We believe branding doesn’t end at a logo, and we take pride in specialising in all possible touch points beyond that — from photography to filming and everything in between. We work hard as a strategic and creative partner to our clients through every step of the process, aligning inspiration, business objectives and pushing visuals into simple and memorable experiences.

We are based in New Delhi, India.

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